Flat Earth Activism

Fellow Flat-Earther and IFERS member Del from Scotland has been taking to the streets to spread a bit of natural science and common sense, hoping to spur some critical thinking regarding this most important subject.  Please share and show your support by subscribing to Del’s excellent channel Beyond the Imaginary Curve.

Flat Earth has become the most influential grass-roots movement in modern times and the biggest conversation on the internet for good reason. You are not living on a tilting, wobbling, spinning sphere-pear globe as you have been taught to believe. The Earth is actually a motionless extended plane with the Sun, Moon, stars and planets all revolving over and around us just as it appears. The following video showcases some of the excellent Flat Earth activism being done by channels such as Plane Ranger, John Smith Globe Lie, Beyond the Imaginary Curve, Flat Earth Warriors and Flat Earth Activism. Please subscribe to these channels and get active yourself in spreading this most important message.

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